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Painted Eggs

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Although their popularity soars around Easter, hand painted eggs are a staple of gift shops and market stalls in Budapest. Traditionally, a man would visit his beloved on Easter Monday and would sprinkle water on her. In return, the woman would give him a hand painted egg as a gift. Today, these beautiful eggs come in a variety of different colors and designs and are painted and sold by Hungarian craftsmen. Incredibly beautiful and delicate, the designs on these eggs are often depictions of flowers, animals or religious symbols. Some of them are sold as ornaments -either for Easter or Christmas- and some are sold in egg cartons, giving the buyer the freedom to use them as he or she desires. Some Hungarians hang them on pussy willow branches, making them an ornament that is appropriate all year round. The eggs are sold in almost every store on Vaci Street, as well as in the wonderful craft market on the Castle Hill. The market is open every day of the week, although individual stalls have their own opening and closing hours, which are not always consistent. You’ll be able to buy them anywhere there though, so make sure you browse all the stalls and look at all the different designs, before making a choice!

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