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Nucul de Aur balsam

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Balsam "Nucul de Aur" (golden nut) is a salubrious, 45% alcoholic drink that has generously absorbed many aromatic extracts of medicinal herbs, roots, fruits, and essential oils, including - most importantly - the extract of green walnut which contains digestible iodine. It is the presence of these natural pure ingredients that give the balm its distinct brown color, as well as the incredibly wide range of flavors and rich, balanced aroma. The balm has a stimulating and toning effect and is an excellent remedy for physical and mental fatigue, malaise, weakness, and upset stomach. Best served chilled, it goes well with tea, coffee, and ice cream. The balm contains rectified purest ethyl alcohol, softened water, sugar, extracts of: walnut, wormwood, St. John's wort, chamomile, peppermint, strawberry, propolis, sage, and lavender.

Recently, famous Belgian guitarist Francis Goya had a chance to try Nucul de Aur whilst on a trip to Chisinau where he had a concert. During his visit, Goya attended one of the local cafes and tried the local specialty, coffee “Moldova Dulce”, which contains the balm produced by company Enteh. In an interview to the local media, later on, he noted the balm and even expressed the wish to take a bottle back home.

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