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No T-shirt, coffee mug or refrigerator magnet could ever capture your travel experience in the way that, for example, tribal masks from Johannesburg, Turkish carpets from Istanbul, or hand-painted eggs from Budapest could. MyCityGiftShopping, a comprehensive directory of original, locally made gifts and souvenirs from different countries around the world, is here to help you find the perfect memento of your trip. MyCityGiftShopping is an open project, so we encourage you to contribute!

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MyCityGiftShopping iPhone App

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The MyCityGiftShopping iPhone app helps you in your quest to pick the right gift to bring home, wherever in the world you find yourself. For each city, MyCityGiftShopping presents a list of gifts representative of the local culture and stores where you can buy these gifts. The app's built-in GPS navigation feature will guide you to the store of your choice with ease.

Sister Wiki Sites

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Antique Hunting

For those who love vintage and period collectibles, the hunt for antiques is their oyster. Whether it's a popular antique fair, a flea market, an antique shop or an auction house, knowing the place is crucial for those who are new to a city. MyCityAntiquing is a project aimed to create a comprehensive directory of antique shops and market places for cities around the world.

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Food Tasting

Cuisine is an integral part of any local culture, one should not visit a new destination without tasting its local food. MyCityCuisine is a Wiki project designed to create a free, reliable and up-to-date guide to the most original and tasty traditional foods from different countries around the world.