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A Turkish Gift article would not be complete without mentioning the famous Turkish carpets or kilim. Kilims are flat woven, Turkish carpets that combine many colours in interesting geometric patterns. The patterns woven in Turkish kilims have changed little over the centuries. The flat weave doesn’t last as long as a pile carpet and so was considered inferior and consequently there wasn’t a lot of commercial value or foreign trade. This lack of foreign pressure preserved the originally weaving techniques and patterns. Today, kilims are no longer considered inferior to pile carpets and high quality pieces can be very expensive. While you might not have space in your suitcase for a full-sized rug, a number of smaller-sized rugs are available. Door mat sized rugs start at 60TL for the most basic weave patterns and run to about 150TL for more detailed, original designs and better quality. Turkish carpet sellers are renowned for their persistence and often times aggressive sales techniques. Shops are usually family run and depending on which cousin or uncle is working that day will determine the level of pressure in sales techniques. It is best when buying a carpet to visit many shops and see which carpets you like and which salespeople you feel most comfortable with. Shopping at the Grand Bazaar allows you to do this easily.

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