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Egyptian Tent Textile decoration craft is a unique art, which started in the Pharaohic era and flourished after the Islamic conquest. Khayameya is a fine decorative textile, famous for its durability as it is made of thick Tiel “Kenaf” cloth. Egyptians used Khayameya in the past to create shelter tents, which protected them from the sun and sand storms while traveling in the Western desert. Khayameya artisans used to be chosen by the community sheikh of khayameya after examining the artisans' artwork, as a guarantee of quality and skill.

Khayameya is all hand-made. The finest pieces usually feature Arabic typography or Islamic decorative shapes with golden thread strokes and colored fills. Nowadays it is used to decorate people's houses, wedding parties as well as funerals. Give an original oriental touch to your own home by purchasing a colorful Khayameya cloth or buy it as cushion cover, table runner or wall hangings.

Khayameya market is located right after “Bab Zewela” in Khayameya street, where it is exhibited in a vivid variety by the many dealers of the ground floor, while the workshops are located on the second floor. You can also find some expensive Khayameya art pieces in the Egyptian Textile Museum in El Mo-ez Street.

Around 1square meter "printed" piece : 35 ~ 45 pounds; Original pieces "painted or mixed fabrics": around 80 ~ 150 pounds for the same size depends on design and details.

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