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Jump to: navigation, search is a Wiki project created to provide a free, reliable and up-to-date guide to the most original gifts to take home from different countries around the world. The targeted audience of Mycitygiftshopping is the ordinary visitor/tourist/traveler, who needs help picking a souvenir. Mycitygiftshopping is not a re-seller website and is in no way associated with any of the manufacturers or shops featured on the site.

How To Contribute

At the heart of this project are travelers from around the world. You can contribute to this project in the following ways:

Provide content:

  • Suggest a new gift to be included
  • Write a new gift description
  • Expand an existing gift description
  • Suggest a new store for a specific gift
  • Correct mistakes in an existing gift/store description
  • Upload a new gift photo

Keep a watchful eye:

  • Report vandalized pages
  • Report inappropriate photos
  • Report broken links

Improve the grammar and spelling:

  • Many of the gift descriptions on this site are written by contributors whose native language is not English, so the grammar and spelling sometimes requires editing.

Which Gifts To Add features authentic and original gifts, representative of local cities around the world.

Gifts to be featured on this site should meet the following criteria:

  • Items that relate to local tradition (traditional folk items, etc).
  • Items that are locally made or based on local design.

For example: clothes by a local designer made in another country will qualify.

  • Items must not be too large, must fit average size luggage and can pass custom.

The emphasis should be on original, authentic and well known local products which are representative of the city (region), rather than mass produced cheap souvenirs that are frequently found near tourist attractions.

NOTE: Gifts do not have to be unique to a city. It is alright if the same gift appears in multiple cities.

We make every effort to include the following gifts on this site:

  • Well-known regional/national items.
  • Items that originated from the region and are still produced locally.

Gifts that should not be included:

  • Cheap souvenirs that are commonly found at souvenir shops near tourist attractions.
  • T-shirts, mugs, hats, refrigerator stickers, post cards, fake jewelry, etc.
  • Knock-offs or bargain hunting items.
  • Fresh food and produce.

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